UKIP in Scotland

Of all the European election results, the one that disappointed me the most was the election, by a narrow margin, of a UKIP MEP in Scotland. Alex Salmond has done well to give a major speech on independence straight after the vote, when most Scots are looking with horror at UKIP’s victory south of the border. And indeed some people have pointed out to me that the election of one UKIP MEP in Scotland is a good thing, in the sense that it serves to remind Scots that UKIP is not a remote threat but one that may come to affect them directly. Who knows, if Scots do not vote for independence in September, they may find themselves being governed by a coalition government containing UKIP after the 2015 general election. If Scotland does vote for independence, it raises the interesting question of what will happen to David Coburn, representing a party whose name has become obsolete, not to mention its unionism. So perhaps the message to Scotland should be to vote for independence, if only to deprive UKIP of a major part of its raison d’etre – and to force it to change its name to the less catchy EWNIIP (England, Wales and Northern Ireland Independence Party)…

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  1. zimriel

    Have you read Mencius Moldbug – the “unqualified-reservations” blog?

    He would likely agree with you, but for entirely different reasons. He would say that the Scots should never vote for an English nationalist party or, indeed, at all. He would say that the UKIP are draining energy from a nationalist and royalist *movement*.

    Democracy and activism are clean different things, to paraphrase the founder of our Cause.

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