European Elections 2014: who to vote for?

I must confess that I am somewhat at a loss as to who to vote for in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament on 22nd May. One of the principal imperatives is to oppose UKIP, which represents the low water-mark of post-Imperial British Unionism. UKIP is most prominently opposed by the Liberal Democrats, but I do not think I could ever look myself in the eye again if I were to vote for the Liberals. The Conservative Party advocates an in-out referendum on Europe, which I oppose, because I do not trust the English people to know what is good for them and vote to stay in Europe; the Conservative Party is, in any case, riddled with Euroscepticism, even though I have a great deal of respect for many people in it, such as Ken Clarke. The Labour Party doesn’t seem to have much chance of doing very well in the European elections, at least not in the part of the country where I am – they would never gain a seat, and a vote for Labour is probably wasted. Which leaves me with the Green Party, about whom I have mixed feelings. I have no strong views on ecology, but I certainly endorse the Green Party’s Socialist agenda and their pro-European stance. On the other hand, the Greens have a deplorable record of opposing the monarchy and favouring constitutional reform. However, they do have one major positive, and that is that the Greens are the only UK-wide party to support Scottish independence. They are, therefore, the only party that I can vote for that favours independence – and they have a fighting chance of winning a seat in this part of the country. I remain undecided, but the Green Party may well be the way that I go…

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  1. As a Conservative part member who opposes Euroscepticism, I feel very isolated these days.

    You are absolutely right that an in-out referendum would be a bad idea.

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