Te Deum Laudamus

Diocese of East Anglia

Annuntio populo Angliae Orientalis gaudium magnum. Habemus Episcopum, eminentem dominum Alanum, olim Episcopum Cuncacestrensis, qui thronum Sancti Felici ascendet die xvi Iulii anno MMXIII.

Deo gratias!

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One response to “Te Deum Laudamus

  1. Hello, Mr. Jacobite,

    I notice that we follow a number of the same blogs involving British history and traditional Catholicism. I wanted to invite you to visit my own blog some time, especially since I just put up a post displaying several Cavalier poems you might enjoy. Here’s the web-link: http://www.longbowsandrosarybeads.blogspot.com

    God Bless and Happy Bloggin!

    Rosaria Marie/Pearl of Tyburn

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